Fortnite Aim Training Guide

How To Train For Fortnite

This training guide is all about showing some Fortnite tips and tricks to become an aiming pro. We go from a quick introduction to the history of the game, analyzing gameplay and offering aiming tips for you to get better at Fortnite. Aim practice routines are also available in order to improve your aim with 3D Aim Trainer.

What Is Fortnite, A Short Story

The 25th of July 2017 is marked as one of the most memorable days in gaming history as publisher Epic Games released their Behemoth “Fortnite” upon this world. A free-to-play Third-Person Battle Royale that surprised friend and foe with its fresh visual style and groundbreaking gameplay elements. All wrapped up in a cool cartoony, almost Pixar-like design targeted towards GEN Z youngsters.

And as we all know, Epic Games struck gold with Fortnite as it became a global hit with unprecedented success in recent history.

Fortnite became the #1 topic on every school gate, impacting the lives of countless teens and their parents, with over 250 million active players in 2018. The general media did mass reporting on everything Fortnite, reaching its climax in July 2019 as the first Fortnite World Cup Winner “Bugha” earned himself 3 million dollars in cash prize by only playing the game!

Although nowadays the hype of Fortnite has worn off, the game’s content keeps growing and expanding at a fast pace, all while keeping its audience active and entertained with the frequent release of new Fortnite maps, battle passes, skins, and other aesthetics amassing record sales for a total amount of 90 million USD every month. No wonder why Epic Games has invested 100 million USD in tournament prize money in 2020 alone. But that is only a small part of Fortnite’s continued success. If you plan for your game to stick around for years to come, it needs to have elements of fun and skill-thiven game mechanics, and that is what Fortnite brings to the table.

Now that we know a few things about this unique cross-platform FPS game, let’s move to understanding it’s core features.

Fortnite Tips & Aim Training Guide

This training guide is all about showing some Fortnite tips and tricks to become an aiming pro at Fortnite. We go from a quick introduction to the history of the game, analyzing Fortnite gameplay and offering aiming tips for you to get better at Fortnite. Aim practice routines are also available in order to improve your aim with 3D Aim Trainer.

Fortnite Aim Training

Fortnite Training Routine

Follow this aim training and dedicate 30 minutes a day to practice. You should be able to notice improvement and move one level up in your aiming skill within 2 weeks of regular training. The idea of training regularly is to build your muscle memory and improve your reaction time.

Flicking - Micro Flicks
Level Points Time to Target
1-4 +90.000 -200ms
5-6 +90.000 -175ms
7-9 +100.000 -125ms
Level Points
1 +110.000
2 +105.000
3 +85.000
4 +90.000
5 +95.000
6 +95.000
7 +85.000
8 +90.000
9 +75.000
Level Points
1 +120.000
2 +115.000
3 +105.000
4-6 +110.000
7 +100.000
8 +105.000
9 +75.000
Level Accuracy
1-4 +60%
5-7 +50%
8-9 +35%
Level Accuracy
1-4 +60%
5-7 +60%
8-9 +35%

Gameplay Key Features

Manipulate your environment

Variety of weapons, materials and explosives

Close-quarter box fights

Very low Time to Kill

Required Skills

High Accuracy, nail crosshair placement on your enemy

Learning to shoot from various stances, crouch shooting, and jump shooting

Selecting the right weapons and utilizing weapon combos

Using the edits in build battles to damage to your enemies without risking

At first glance, Fortnite might look like a childish game but don’t be deceived, for under its hood Fortnite has the building blocks of a skill thriven, highly competitive FPS game. By combining the ability to manipulate your environment with the advanced aim and movement mechanics mixed into a Battle Royale, Fortnite is a very complex and tactical shooter game on the highest level of play. Aside from having to improve your aim at Fortnite, you need to master building basics and choosing the right building materials along with a deep understanding of survival tactics if you want to rank on top of the ladder. But for now, we will focus on improving your aiming skills with 3D Aim Trainer. Nonetheless, nailing the building skills aspect has an impact on your aim since players move in 3D while competing for high ground; there are a lot of verticalities involved when it comes to aiming. That, in combination with a relatively fast Time to Kill (TTK) and close-quarter box fights, means that this training routine will focus on both vertical aim and click speed.

Your Personal Aim Lab

To test your aim benchmark and your performance against other players

3D Aim Trainer practice


Aim for the center of your enemy rather than his head, especially when they are further away from you, this guarantees a body hit since there’s a slimmer chance of getting the multiplied damage of a headshot.

3D Aim Trainer 1 vs 1


Take advantage of the many combat opportunities. Close range situations, like running into a house call for using a shotgun instead of a rifle, always think about utilizing your weapon combo to its maximum potential. Stand still and finish your enemy with a quick headshot.

3D Aim Trainer jumping


When you’re not shooting, jump around and act like a moving target, that makes it hard for your enemies to land a shot. When you want to start shooting, you will need to steady yourself to guarantee accuracy. When using a rifle or any other medium-range weapon crouch while shooting.

3D Aim Trainer crosshair


In Fortnite combat, your crosshair changes according to your movement. Jumping makes the crosshair larger and more difficult to accurately shoot your enemy, standing still while aiming will shrink your crosshair considerably. Understanding Bloom as a mechanic is really important.

3D Aim Trainer practice


Practice your aim while ingame and not in combat, this can be achieved by placing your crosshair at any nonmoving object you come across and steadying your aim at it from different angles. Target practice on moving objects as well to keep your muscle memory sharp.

3D Aim Trainer sniping


Mastering the bullet drop is crucial to becoming a Pro in Fortnite. Aiming at the head of a stationary target from a short distance should do the trick, when you are further away from the target, you’ll have to account for bullet drop. Find a sniper rifle and test how high you have to aim up.

3D Aim Trainer positioning


One of the most important Fortnite tips is to learn how to shoot at an angle, where the tactics depend on your location from the target, so if you’re shooting from high ground, check which direction your enemy is moving and shoot where they are headed. For low ground shooting situations, and especially when using sniper rifles, anticipate your enemy’s movement, take into account bullet travel speed and adjust your shot to be slightly above their head for headshots or their upper torso for body shots.

Got Questions?

We hope this Fortnite aim trainer guide was useful on how to improve in game and if you have any questions, please join our Discord Community.